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Join the KDA Team:


We do things differently here at KDA, and are proud of it!  Every school has it's own culture and identity, and even if you work in a corporate chain each location has it's own "feel".  If you are looking for a change, come and see if KDA is the right match for you!

core values:

We believe that everyone is an individual with strengths, weaknesses and should be respected.  For our staff that means:

  • We don't care if your teaching qualifications are from State approved experience or from college classes, as long as you truly enjoy interacting with children, are positive and work while on the clock.
  • When there are repetitive issues in a classroom we don't jump to blaming the child, we look at the classroom management strategies and environment.  Most importantly, we collaborate with our Team.  We all have different strengths and perspectives, so when problems come we listen to each other, and can solve them together.
  • Our Team is everything!  If a toilet is overflowing you are just as likely to see the Director or the Owner cleaning it up as another staff member.  We all share the responsibility to create a clean, safe, encouraging, nurturing and engaging environment for the kiddos.
  • Do you cringe when your co-workers complain or gossip about someone else?  We do too! If there is a problem, our Management Team is here to help problem solve, and we won't tell anyone either.
  • We follow State Standards...always.

benefits at KDA:

If you have worked in Early Childhood Education for any length of time, you know things can get crazy sometimes.  That's why we havepolicies and benefits to help you balance life and work.

  • Everyday we staff for AM and PM Breaks as well as Lunch coverage.  If life gets hectic, Management steps in to give breaks.  You can not be an effective Teacher if you do not recharge and take care of yourself.
  • 7 paid holidays
  • 1 paid In-Service day (and if you have kept up on training hours you can skip part of the day)
  • A Sick and PTO plan that rewards Staff for staying with KDA.  The longer you are here, the more PTO you can earn!  
  • Medical and Dental Benefits
  • Continuing Education assistance for all Staff
  • Ownership in the classroom, with curriculum and a Management Team who listens
  • A cloud based family communication system with tablets in each classroom
  • Breakfast, snack, lunch and a snack! You are welcome to be a good role model and eat with the kiddos in your classroom.
  • Continuing Education Assistance - we will help you find trainings, keep on top of your hours and occasionally pay for them.
  • Classroom supply budget - Did you find the perfect visual aid for your class? Submit a reimbursement form, we don't expect you to finance classroom supplies.

the next step!

Feel free to send an email introducing yourself to info@kdacademy.com.   We would like to see a resume, but that can come later.  If we think you are a good match, we will buy you a cup of coffee so we can continue to get to know you in person!

Here are some questions to help get past writer's block, but don't feel like you have to answer all of these.

  • An example of conflict you have dealt with
  • Describe a favorite piece of curriculum you have taught
  • An example of a difficulty you helped a student overcome
  • Describe your ideal classroom
  • Why you are thinking of leaving your current school
  • What is your favorite age group to work with and why
  • Good Teachers all have a passion in the classroom, describe yours
  • Tell about one event, resource, role model or class that has impacted the way you interact with children

We look forward to speaking with you!


School Age Teacher:

This position may be full or part time depending on the applicant hired.

Program hours 3:00pm to 6:00pm, with an extended program on Wednesdays to accommodate early release. On School Out days the program runs the entire day.  

ECE Teacher: 

We never turn away applicants who want to change children's lives!  If you are looking for a change, let's see if KDA is a match, then we can talk about specific job placement.


​Send a resume or email introducing yourself (see "the next step" on the left side of this page) to info@kdacademy.com