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Kids Discovery Academy uses several tools to ask for family and staff feedback. There are Parent Surveys (paper and electronically through emails or links to Survey Monkey surveys ), Staff Feedback Surveys as well as all of the traditional online review sites. We also receive emails from families at random times as they experience the day-to-day community of KDA. Each of these types of communications are valued and used during Staff Meetings, Trainings and Newsletters, as well as being shared with all of you!

Testimonials are scattered throughout the website on the right-hand side of many pages. These snippets of KDA life were not solicited or dictated by us. They are the opinions and messages from past or current families and staff members.


Excerpt from a
​Staff Newsletter...

An emotional parent shared that she was broken-hearted because her Preschool son said he didn't have any friends in his new class. She was imagining him being alone during the day and hoping it wasn't as bad as it sounded. Being reassured by the Director and Teachers that her child did have new friends and regularly played with others did not resolve her concerns.

What truly helped, was Mom coming in during the day and standing back in the hallway and peeking through the window. She was able to observe the classroom and her son without anyone in the classroom knowing, and this brought her security, because she was able to see her son happily playing with his new friends and being involved in activities with his teachers.

​This is something that plays out over and over in our open building without the classroom staff ever knowing. And we are constantly amazed at what an incredible job each of you do all day!