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The KDA Difference:

  • A secure, coded-entry that requires a 4-digit code to enter the school
  • A unique floor plan that creates multiple unobserved lines of sight into each classroom
  • A strict Confidentiality Policy that covers physical custody, online information and classroom information
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables, ethnic dishes, cooking projects and a close relationship between KDA's Kitchen Staff and students help students develop healthy habits.
  • KDA avoids boxed mixes and instead spends the time to cook and bake from scratch.  Our Sweet-and-Sour Chicken, Enchilada Pie, blueberry muffins, cheese pizza, and so many more items are all homemade in our kitchen.
  • We support a variety of food issues and religious dietary concerns in a respectful and safe manner.
Play-Based, Academically-Focused:
  • Curriculum activities run all day long, morning and afternoon, so that your child will be learning, engaged and having fun...all without pressure and in an energetic format.
  • KDA curriculum, conferences and assessments are aligned with Oregon's Early Learning Guidelines.  From infancy until your student leaves for Kindergarten, each month they will be progressing on their academic journey.
  • There is no testing anxiety at KDA! All of our assessments are done through free-play as well as individual and group activities.
Respect for Every Individual:
  • Children are unique individuals who deserve to be treated respectfully in all areas: emotionally, socially, physically and academically. We would love to show you specifically how we carry out this commitment during your Tour.
  • Families are the primary force in their child's lives.  Through Tadpoles, either via email or an app you will see pictures, videos, lesson plans and all the details of your child's day.  Plus, KDA is truly a community - you and your child will be known and cared for.
  • KDA supports our Teachers with a positive, coaching management style and a strong Paid-Time Off policy that ensures they can care for and educate your child each day. 

Come experience the KDA Difference for yourself!