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Infants ages 6 weeks and older are in a world of their own. They are cared for in a safe, nurturing environment filled with play, laughter, music and attention.  We have designed a welcoming, creative space where infants can play, sleep and eat at their own pace.

Our infant classroom:

  • Has a "no shoe" rule to keep the floors clean and sanitary at all times. 
  • Is fully enclosed to keep outside noise at bay allowing our babies to sleep anytime they choose. 

Infants enjoy their own activities:

  • music and movement
  • books
  • sensory experiences
  • beginning sign language
  • lots of TLC and cuddling! 


Young Toddlers


Toddlers are strong on their feet, independent, hands-on and curious about everything around them. They thrive on new experiences and need a physically and emotionally safe environment that supports their natural desire to learn, explore and grow.

The Young Toddler classroom features a variety of structured and open-ended activities to allow for learning and discovery.

Young Toddlers need to explore and use their newly found physical abilities. Our young toddlers play in their classroom, the Indoor play-area and in their specially designed outdoor Toddler playground.

To help encourage and support mental, emotional and academic skills our teachers lead both group and individual activities such as beginning art exploration, music and motion, language development and sign language to help each child express themselves fully.


A nurturing, engaging environment for your little one!