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Two's/Early Preschool Classrooms

As your child turns 24 months he or she will transition into our Early Preschool Program, designed specifically for two-year olds. We spark your two-year old's sense of discovery through weekly themes and activities geared to delight and capture their short attention spans!  Early Preschool is also the transition from young toddler to Preschooler as we work on expressing ourselves, using words and the very exciting potty training!  Our Potty Training philosophy includes teaching self-help skills, positive reinforcement and lots of encouragement.

Classroom Activities Include:

  • Story Time
  • Music and Movement
  • Rhymes and Fingerplays
  • Art Exploration and Skills
  • Beginning Literacy, Science, Math & Vocabulary
  • Life Skills Practice
  • Simple Cooking Workshops
  • Sensory exploration
  • Play in the Indoor Play area
  • Outside time on the Playground
  • Centers filled with blocks, dress-up, toys and discovery materials!

All activities are presented in a play-based, non-threatening manner so your student can express their natural love of learning, creativity, curiosity and energy.  Parent Teacher Conferences will show you how your student is being prepared for Kindergarten without even knowing it!